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From Paul Maitland, Dean of Alternative Ministerial Education: American Baptist History and Polity will be taught by Rev. Dr. Adrian Lamkin, August 24 - 25. Professional Boundaries Course will be offered twice this year - May 12 and October 20. The courses will meet at the GRR Resource Center in Springfield, IL from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Check out the America For Christ 2018 Video, "Making God Known"

Transform Your World Through Creation Care

Join IM staff Young Adult Experience June 19 - July 8, 2018 , missionaries, and Costa Rican brothers and sisters in sustainable farming and construction practices, learn about the state of a country pioneering creation care,..(Is this for you? Read more, page 3 of the January 26 edition of The Mainstream)

Areas' Annual Meetings / Family Gatherings

Check out the listing of Area Meetings. You will find flyers, invitations, and registration forms as they are received and posted. (Dates and Sites)

Area I: April 28, Blackhawk Baptist Camp hosts beginning at 9:30 with registration. Program with Rev. Muriel Johnson begins at 10:00 a.m. Theme: Working, Not Weary

For more information, e-mail Rev. John Kress, Assistant Area I Minister.

Area II: March 11, Moweaqua Baptist hosting; hear the testimony of one from war-torn Sudan. Details | Registration (Due by March 5)

Also: Centralia First Baptist Church will host and co-sponsor "Mandated Reporting Policies" on May 9.

Area III: April 14,
hosted by Peoria First Baptist Church
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Brochure / Flyer / Registration)

Huntley Brown will lead in worship.
Dr Gene Crume will be the keynote speaker

Contacts and more information

Area IV: April 15 hosted by Murphysboro First Baptist Church

Area V: March 10, hosted by Grace Baptist Church of Kansas City, MO. Jeff Johnson will preach. Information Downloads | Registration

Please note: 2017 Church Annual Reports

The 2017 Annual Report forms have been mailed out to all GRR churches.  Please note that the Great Rivers Region is NOT accepting online submissions of the 2017 Annual Report.  We would appreciate it if each church completes their 2017 Annual Report and returns it to the GRR office by March 31, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Gibson at the GRR office.

Thank you!

Melissa Gibson
Administrative Assistant

Please Note Scheduling Changes and Additions

COMSAO Interview Dates

2018 Church Intern Grant Information and Application (Completed applications to be received by GRR Office by May 1.)

Face to Face: A Help for Churches and Pastors Searching

Search Committees of churches with full time, not bivocational, pastors and churches, pastors, and seminarians seeking to discern God's next steps for you: Look for information this next couple of months about this opportunity on this web site.

Host Church: Anderson, Indiana First Baptist Church
Dates: April 20 - 21, 2018
Who's Involved? The American Baptist Regions:

  • Indiana / Kentucky
  • Greater Indianapolis
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Great Rivers (Team Member: Muriel Johnson)

Get to know more about this opportunity.

For you reflection and planning browse the Parish Paper and Growth Point articles, sent to churches by e-mail and archived on this web site.

Baptist Housing Ministry at University of Illinois seeks Resident Director

Read Pastoral letter of the General Secretary of the ABC USA focuses on our response to outbreaks of violence in our country and elsewhere.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico.

Read Paul Gibson's update of concern for Puerto Rico

See update in the February 22 edition of The Mainstream

How to help? Pray! Give to One Great Hour of Sharing! 100% of your financial gift will go to those affected. The abc-usa.org site has more information and contact information. You may make an online donation by clicking on this direct link at the American Baptist Home Mission Societies site.

Our Missionaries Say Thank You

During the Mission and Ministry Banquet of our recent 50th Annual Gathering, Zophia Dripps from International Ministries, presented Thank You's from our Missionaries.

What prompted this special affirmation? Our Outrageous Generosity gifts to several mission efforts. Learn about these in a short video and also in the posted letters and emails from our Missionaries.

Update on the Annual Gathering.

Now available: History of the ABCGRR by Adrian Lamkin

View pictures of some of our speakers and a summary of their presentations.
A note on the fast-paced 2 minute videos focusing on the GRR's 50 years of mission and ministry: These are available for viewing in a way you may pause and read/view what you may have missed the first time through. Click here for the complete listing.

Before the Assembly Program (7MB pdf) (booklet less reports, church highlights) was compiled, an invitation went out to all churches of the GRR to send in a paragraph and picture of highlights of their past 50 years. Many churches sent these in. Thank you. You can enjoy these by clicking here (11 MB, therefore not recommended for mobile connections). (They are book marked for Adobe PDF reader and searchable (Ctrl+F).

Concerned About Online Security and Safety?

The internet has given us many tools that we can use to strengthen our faith and ministries. However, be safe and secure when you surf the web, use faceBook and other social media, e-mail, text, etc. In the first of a series of articles, Richard Ricks (web master for the sites of the ABC GRR) lists dangers "out there" that our users will encounter, if they have not yet done so. Follow up articles will be found on the "tech" section of this site.