Annual Gathering and Ministers Conference 2018

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Ministers Conference - September 27

Annual Gathering - September 28 - 29, Bloomington IL.

Here is a special invitation from our Regional Minister, Paul Gibson.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Ministers’ Conference and The Rivers Growth Conference! We will be meeting at First Baptist Church of Bloomington IL on September 27 - 29 2018, hosted by our churches in Area I and III. Read more in the August 14 issue of The Mainstream.

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GRR's Own Invite you and your church to Join in the GRReat Offering Follow this link to Paul Gibson's letter and links to resources composed for you and your church.


The above also on YouTube

The above also on YouTube

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Congratulations to GRR Administrative Assistant Debbie Naugle on 20 years of service with the ABC Great Rivers Region. Read more in upcoming issue of The Mainstream.

Former missionaries who served in eastern Asia recently passed.

Estelle M. Schock, American Baptist Foreign Society (ABFMS) alumna passed away on August 22, 2018 in Gig Harbor, WA at the age of 92.

Glenn F. Boice, ABFMS Philippines alumnus and one time pastor in Mt. Vernon, IL resided in Indianapolis, IN until July 2. On July 25, Paul Lewis who served in Burma / Thailand and was residing in Claremont, CA went home.

Church Revitalization Initiative

C hurch R evitalization
I nitiative

With great excitement we introduce to the Great Rivers Region Churches the Church Revitalization Initiative (CRI).

The Church Revitization Initiative is designed to help committed Pastors and church leaders who are willing to do what it takes to revitalize their church. The Initiative is comprised of pastors and church leaders who have helped lead their churches to healthy revitalized congregations.

If you are feeling stagnant and/or undecided how to move forward, please email me ( and we can discuss your situation and determine if the team can be of service to you. We know that we are living in difficult times and that is why we want to be of assistance to you. In Proverbs 20:18, we read the following:  “plans succeed through good counsel;…”.

Since we are all one family (of God), the region has put together this initiative so that all will know we are there for each other.  If you think you may be interested in some counsel concerning the health/vitality of your church, please contact me.

                         Wally Holt, CRI Coordinator

Walter Brueggemann will headline "Space for Grace 2018: Thy Will Be Done", an initiative of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, November 14 - 16 in Philadelphia. Registration now open.

Helping our Puerto Rico Sister Churches

American Baptist Home Mission Societies: Personnel Hired to Support ‘Rebuilding, Restoring, Renewing Puerto Rico'

Check out the Initiative Announced:

Press Release | Covenant | Registration Form

Churches, prayerfully consider this much needed mission.

Read Pastoral letter of the General Secretary of the ABC USA focuses on our response to outbreaks of violence in our country and elsewhere.

Rebuilding Puerto Rico.

Read Paul Gibson's update of concern for Puerto Rico

See update in the February 22 edition of The Mainstream

How to help? Pray! Give to One Great Hour of Sharing! 100% of your financial gift will go to those affected. The site has more information and contact information. You may make an online donation by clicking on this direct link at the American Baptist Home Mission Societies site.

Check out the America For Christ 2018 Video, "Making God Known"

For you reflection and planning browse the Parish Paper and Growth Point articles, sent to churches by e-mail and archived on this web site.