50th Historical Shorts

Clips listed below in wireless, lower resolution, format. For best resolution on a desktop computer using wifi or ethernet, use Microsoft Edge and click on the link in the parentheses at the right of each line. You can also get good results with an Apple iPad or iPhone. (The clips shown at the Annual Meeting in Chesterfield were full size/full resolution, those listed below were produced for viewing on the web.)

Adrian Rogers Short GRR History

For Reading (8 consecutive panels)

For Downloading (8 1/2 x 14 front/back)

Belleville First Baptist Church Legacy

Beginnings - 1967 / 1968 (mp4)

1968 - 1977 (mp4)

1978 - 1987 (mp4)

1988 - 1997 (mp4)

1998 - 2007 (mp4)

2008 - 2017 (mp4)

Mission Costa Rica 1985 - (mp4)

Antioch Youth Group 2012 to Bacone (mp4)

Outrageous Generosity (mp4)