Church Revitalization Initiative

Update August 2019

Have you noticed the new and exciting things that are happening in the Great Rivers Region? Well, the same is continuing to happen in the Church Revitalization Initiative. We are excited to announce that the Federated Church of Sandwich, under the leadership of Pastor Dan Dewitt and his leadership team, has joined the Church Revitalization Initiative. It is always encouraging for me to see pastors and their leadership teams and congregations commit to the hard work of church revitalization. That now brings the total to 16 churches. The churches that have committed to revitalization are all proceeding at different paces. The break point for each of the churches will be how committed they are to true revitalization. When I talk with the pastors each month, it gives me a good indication where each church is and how the pastor and his leadership team are doing. I enjoy talking with the pastors and getting updates as they move along on their journey. I thank God for each church and their pastor. Please continue to pray for each church, their pastors, the leadership and the congregation as they move forward.

Wally Holt, CRI Coordinator