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MCj04363420000[1]     Current Thoughts from Dwight Stinnett, GRR Executive Minister


MCj04363420000[1]    GRR Holiday Calendar for 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    GRR Camp Season Information and Camp Dates for 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    GRR Intern Grant Program – Deadline March 16, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Harvest Grants 2009 – Deadline April 1, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Great Rivers Regional Scholarship Programs – All applications must be received by April 1, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Missions Conference – April 24-25, 2009 at Cherry Hills Baptist Church, Springfield, IL


MCj04363420000[1]    Bike Ride Announcement for 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Seminar with Dr. Eddie Hammett – FBC Bloomington – May 28, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Biennial – Pasadena/ June 26-28, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Blackhawk Camp Fiftieth Funanza – June 20, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    Central Baptist Theological Seminary board approves facilities plan and capital campaign



MCj04363420000[1]    GRR 2009 Annual Meeting of the Great Rivers Region “Thy Kingdom Come” – October 30-31, 2009


MCj04363420000[1]    The Parish Paper – November 2008 “The Fun Factor Asset in Congregational Climate” and December 2008 “Does Your Window Limit Your View?”


MCj04363420000[1]    Growth Points with Gary L. McIntosh, Ph.D. – October 2008 “Stage Two: The Growing Church, November 2008 “Stage Three:  The Consolidating Church and December 2008 “Stage Four:  The Declining Church


MCj04363420000[1]    Legacy – Autumn 2008 “In These Uncertain Times”