American Baptist History and Polity Course
August 12 - 13
ABC GRR Resource Center, Springfield IL

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Are you a history buff, and want to know where we Baptists came from and how we got to be who we are today? Well, here is your best opportunity.

Are you interested in becoming a Baptist minister and wonder where to start?

Are you ordained from another church background and want to be recognized as an American Baptist minister?

This course is required for transfer of credentials, or for graduation from the Alternative Ministerial Education program of the ABCGRR.

Dr. Adrian Lamkin, an expert in Baptist history and a retired history professor now serving the Area III churches, will lead this class. He will be our guide in an exciting tour through our past and relate that past to what we are as American Baptists today.

The cost is $50 for registration, plus a book. You will need to provide your own meals and overnight lodging, if needed.

For more information and an enrollment form, contact Debbie Naugle at the GRR office. For questions about the class or about Alternative Ministerial Education, contact Paul Maitland at (309) 691-3387.


Boundaries Course - October 15 - GRR Resource Center

Rev. Dr. Dwight Stinnett, retired GRR Executive Minister, will lead this one day course. The course is required curriculum for the Alternative Ministerial Program and for all who are seeking ordination.


Meet Dean Rev. Dr. Paul Maitland

Eligibility for Courses
Alternative Ministerial Education

Q: Can I take a course listed in Alternative Ministerial Education offerings even if I am not pursuing regional ordination?

A: Yes.

Q: Where can I find listings of the course opportunities?

A: For dates and sites of the Boundaries and History/Polity courses, check out the GRR calendar

Q: Why Alternative Ministerial Education?

A: This is non-traditional education.  It is not a path that guarantees or even implies ordination.

Q: What is the purpose of offering Alternative Ministerial Education?

A: Read the statement of purpose at:

Q: What is the relationship of Alternative Ministerial Education and the Region?

A: Alternative Ministerial Education is an offering of the GRR through its COMSAO.

Q: I am interested in enrolling in the Alternative Ministerial Education. Who is the best person to talk with?

A: Dean Paul Maitland, Dean of the Program.

Q: Is there an overview of the process of enrollment and participation in the process?

A: Your best resource is Dean Paul Maitland.

Q: I have heard of COMSAO. What is it?

A: COMSAO, or Council on Ministerial Standing and Ordination, is the shepherding body of the Great Rivers for those who are in any and all of the three tracks toward ordination.. Dean Paul Maitland sits as a member of this Council. For more on the ordination process, click here.

Q: I was enrolled at one time in the Regional Licensure and Ordination Program (the predecessor of the Alternative Ministerial Education). Can I get any credit for course work/projects accomplished in that program should I decide to enroll in Alternative Ministerial Education?

A: Your best answer will come from Dean Paul Maitland

Q: I have found other sources of learning to be especially helpful. Who can I submit this material to for consideration for satisfying requirements of Alternative Ministerial Education?

A: Dean Paul Maitland.