Annual Assembly 2012 Workshop Learning Opportunities

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service

Contact:  Barbara Hartnett 
Workshop Leaders:  Jeff Turnbull and Laura Clark

The Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service was organized in 1951 as a neighborhood action center affiliated with ABCUSA.  This inner city ministry is partnered with ABCUSA, United Methodist Church, Disciples of Christ, the Presbytery of Peoria, and the Congregational Christian Conference.  Friendship House serves about 10,000 individuals every year.  Dr. Barbara Hartnett is the President and CEO of Friendship House.  Come hear about the essential mission work of this faith-based ministry.


Contact:  Joyce Benton

This Summer about 90 GRR youth and their leaders attended the national youth gathering in Washington D.C.  IMMERSE was organized by the American Baptist Home Mission Societies as an event that featured worship and hands-on mision experiences across Washington D.C.  First Baptist Church of Bloomington was one of the youth groups that attended.  Come hear about their mission experience.

ABMen and Women Mission Projects

Contact:  Ron Greenfield

GRR lay workers (ABMen and Women) were involved in several mission projects this year.  The work at the Hopi Reservation was one of their most intensive projects.  Come hear about this mission work -- and learn about other possibilities for next year.

Financial Freedom

Contact:  Wally Holt

These tough economic times have been hard on families.  Several GRR churches have seen that one of their "missions" is to help families cope with financial stress.  FBC of Macomb has used the Financial Freedom resources by Dave Ramsey to do this.  Learn about how you can engage this very practical mission.

Missional Church Learning Experience

Contact:  Glynis LaBarre

In recent years we have seen an explosion of interest in what it means for a church to be “missional.”  Rev. Glynis LaBarre is with the American Baptist Home Mission Societies and the creator of the “missional church learning experience.”  Come learn what “mission” means in the 21st Century and how your church can learn to make God’s mission its passion.