Call Assistance: The Role of the Ministerial Church Leaders (Candidates)

Those ministers desiring relocation should consult with the Regional Associate Minister assigned to serve their particular Area. The GRR Staff Minister can be helpful about available positions. The Staff Minister can also counsel the candidate regarding the process. >

Ministers interested in relocating to another Region should contact that Region directly. Since there is some varition from Region to Region, do not expect the process to be the same.

Ministers should enroll in the ABPS profile system since it is the primary resource used by the Great Rivers Region and other Regions to identify candidates. Ministers should learn about ABPS, its tools, its resources, and its limitations. They should especially familiarize themselves with the booklet, Calling an American Baptist Minister. In preparation for response to search committees, the candidate should:

1. Be sure their ABPS profile is updated.

2. Have a clear and concise resume available.

3. Have a ready cassette tape (or video tape, video cd, or video dvd) of a recent worship service.

4. Have a brief written statement entitled "My View of Ministry."

5. Have any other pertinent information which will say something about themselves and their abilities. Be prepared to answer hard questions about ethical conduct.

6. Be prepared to discuss compensation needs (including housing), continuing education, and vacation time.

Information sent to the search committee should be clear and concise rather than lengthy and heavy. The appearance of the material is important. (e.g. Plan out the written presentation; don't just throw some documents together. Make your material applicable the church with whom you are in contact.

Candidates are free to contact the appropriate Staff Minister with questions about the search process or with questions about a specific congregation.