Call Assistance: The Role of the Congregation

Study Guide

The congregation should notify the appropriate GRR Staff Minister upon resignation, retirement, or other opening of ministerial positions in the church.

This Staff Minister will give counsel regarding an interim minister (if necessary), and in the formation of the search committee.

The Staff Minister will also meet with the search committee several times to assist them in a study of their needs, and to review and teach the process of the search.

It is the search committee who narrows the list of potential candidates and makes actual contact with those they are led to consider.

The search committee will probably ask the candidate for a video (tape, cd, or dvd) recording of a recent worship service, a resume, a copy of "My View of Ministry," and other items pertinent to their particular setting.

The booklet Calling an American Baptist Minister (pictured top left of this column) contains the process the GRR recommend the search committee use. Part of Calling an American Baptist Minister is a section called Reflections. These are pages that assist a search committee in gathering data about the congregation, community, and position of pastor (salary/benefits/ministry expenses).

This booklet is available through the GRR Staff Minister.