Procedures for Call Assistance

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The Role of GRR Staff Ministers

Regional Associate Ministers are assigned to each of the Areas comprising the Great Rivers Region. The staff minister is the primary person working with local church search committees.

These same staff ministers counsel ministerial church leaders seeking a new place of service. Together, the Regional Associate Ministers function as a team in the call assistance process. During staff meetings, the names of available ministers and church positions are shared. The goal is to identify recommended candidates and churches through open information sharing. This discovery process expands the number of candidates which will be considered by the search committee.

The Associate Minister (area minister) also trains the search committee including church self-evaluation and prioritizing ministerial needs. This committee is entirely responsible as to which candidates will be interviewed, and ultimately, who will be presented to the church as a candidate.

The Great Rivers Region does not "place" ministers nor "find" staff for churches; rather, the Staff facilitates the process.

The GRR also partners with the Michigan, Indiana, Indianapolis, and Ohio regions to sponsor Face-to-Face, a "job-fair-like" event where search committees and professional church can meet.

You are now able to list your church position on the GRR web site. Contact your area minister and ask about the Church Positions Listing opportunity - what it is and what is required.