Career Development Centers

Before a candidate can start the journey toward ordination (i.e. start the application process that follows), he / she must be in a paid place of service within an ABC Great Rivers Church.

All applications for ABCUSA ordination must include the following:

Contact the Regional Resource Center for an application packet

 I. ABC history and polity course

2. Professional ethics course (e.g.: Boundaries Course)

3. Candidacy assessment by Midwest Career Development Center.

Look for the "Group" program. (If the candidate is serving (member of) an American Baptist Church of the Great Rivers Region, there is scholarship help available. Do NOT have the Center bill the Great Rivers Region.) We suggest that candidates wait until their last year of seminary before participating in this.

COMSAO will only accept assessments that have been completed within a three year window.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to contact the center, make an appointment choosing individual or group format (depends upon schedule and availability, and to pay for the service. (Scholarships may be available. Check with the GRR Associate Minister assigned to your area.)

Midwest Career Development Service
Westchester IL  708-343-6268