From the GRR Council on Ministerial Standing and Ordination

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Approved educational tracks are limited to:

I. The traditional pattern of BA plus an advanced Master’s level degree.

Because there is so much variability in curriculum and degree titles, regardless of
what the degree is called, the following minimal coursework must be documented
in the official transcript:

  • Old Testament survey (2 credit hours)
  • New Testament survey (2 credit hours)
  • Christian Theology (2 credit hours)
  • Preaching and worship (2 credit hours)
  • Pastoral Leadership/Administration (2 credit hours)
  • American Baptist History & Polity
  • Professional Boundaries (Ethics)

Educational programs that are deficient in any of these may be completed
through Alternative Ministerial Education

II. GRR Alternative Ministerial Education Program

Required Courses of Study and Status for both Tracks

1. ABC History and Polity Course

2. Professional Boundaries Course

3. Candidacy assessment by Midwest Career Development Center. This report must be sent to COMSAO.

4. Place of renumerated service in an American Baptist Church or other American Baptist ministry.