If the steps you've taken as starting points indicate you should think further about professional church leadership, chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, or campus ministry, then here are some ways to explore the possibility that God is indeed calling you to one of these ministries.

Talk with People

  • Talk with members of your family, your pastor, other clergy and friends. Ask how they see your gifts and skills.
  • Speak with a representative of the American Baptist Churches (for example: those serving the churches in mission as missionary, area minister or other regional staff minister.)
  • Seek out two or three other persons who are in church vocations and whom you particularly admire. Learn what they do and why.
  • Ask someone to be your special guide.

Learn to Listen

Our culture promotes more talking than listening; more activity than reflection.

  • Listening is not an excuse for not acting; however, acting without first listening can:

    be perceived as patronizing, prescriptive, or "dissing"

    become a "fix" that may have substance, but be ill-timed or unwelcomed