Church Planting: Built on the Foundation of A B C Ds

Legacy of American Baptist Church Planters

American Baptist Church Developers (ABCD) began in 1984 as a funding program for new church planting in the Great Rivers Region. Then Regional Executive Minister Dr. J. Ralph Beaty envisioned a program that would allow individuals to directly support new church projects within the Great Rivers Region.

Simplicity has been the hallmark of the program from its start.

  • Individuals interested in planting new churches were invited to sign up as an ABCD donor.
  • These donors were then notified by mail of a new church project that had been approved by the Regional Ministry Board.
  • Donors were invited to send $25.00 or more to the GRR office.
  • 95% of contributions (5% used for costs of communication / administration) were sent to the new church to be used at the discretion of their leaders.
  • Donors were asked to support three new churches each year.

In the twenty years of ABCD over $415,898 was given to benefit 29 new churches within the Region.

With a regional goal of 5 new churches each year, 650 ABCD donors were providing about $12,000.00 for each new church in startup funds. The goal of 1000 donors would significantly increase support of each new American Baptist Church.