Read Reports: October 1, 2016 - September 2017

Regional Ministry Board 2017 - 2018

GRR President: Craig Donoho

First Vice President: David Bilyeu

Second Vice President: Claudia McCain

Recording Secretary: Paul Gibson, Interim Executive Minister

Vice-President for Planning: Rev. Wally Holt

Lucy Harper

James Wolfe

Vicki Roth

Charles Nilon

Paul Gibson (ex officio)

Vice-President for Personnel: Jerry Phillips

Ministry of Staff Relations:

James Vincent

John Pattison

John Kress

David Bilyeu

Desiree Davis

Paul Gibson (ex-officio)

Vice-President for Financial Stewardship: Brender Benson

Ministry of Financial Stewardship:

Craig Donoho

Dan Holland

David Johanpeter

Leslie Limbaugh

Rex Rogers

Tim Smith

Paul Gibson (ex officio)

Also serving:

5 Area Moderators:

Bunyan Cocar (Area I), Steven Robinson (Area II), Mark Keyser (Area III), William Stoklosa (Area IV), Veronica Richardson (Area V)

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