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Dwight Stinnett

Rev. Dr. J. Dwight Stinnett,
Retired 6/30/2015
Former Executive Minister, ABC/GRR

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Springfield IL 62711

As a second-career seminarian, I claimed this passage, "God was in Christ reconciling the cosmos to God's Self" as a satisfying (at least to me) confession of the Incarnation. Later, I saw a description of reality that begins and ends with God. God's "interest" in the cosmos is reconciliation, effected through Christ. The need for reconciliation implies a state of alienation, separation, inconsistency that is rooted in the stories from Eden. The Gospel, in a nutshell.

While inconsistencies abound (as does grace!), one which most compels me was also addressed by Paul: In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female. I have found the reconciling work of God, with respect to this inconsistency, alive and well among American Baptists.

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