John GrishamJohn Grisham

Associate Minister Area II, Liason with GRR Partnership with Costa Rica Baptists 217-726-7366

John Wm Grisham will end his part time service in area ministry for Area II on May 31.

Grisham  served as ABCUSA Minister of World Mission Support for 5½ years, as ABCGRR Minister of Mission and Stewardship for 14½ years, and as Area Resource Minister for Area II. He was the GRR Minister of Institutional Support for 17 years.  

John summarizes his ministry mentioning at least 600,000 miles driven, 65 Consecration Sunday programs, 17 GRR Mission Conferences, 10 Miracle Sunday Celebrations, 5 Mission Discovery trips to Oklahoma/Chicago/Green Lake.  He coordinated, and sometimes  provided leadership for  mission partnership projects in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Cuba.  John has visited 85% of the 240 Great Rivers Region congregations at some time during his time on Region Staff. During his 25 years in his "Ministry of Encouragement,” Great Rivers Region Churches have contributed   more than 65 million dollars through the Region  for Mission and Ministry in Illinois and Missouri, in the United States and Puerto Rico, and in the whole world. 

Future plans include annual excursions on the Niangua River in Missouri with friends, supporting University of Illinois Springfield Women’s Soccer, and hanging out in a favorite cabin at Jim Edgar State Park. He wants to continue in the role of apprentice to the bacon cook for the men’s breakfasts at Central Baptist Church, Springfield, IL where he is a member. He plans to continue to run and edit stories from his journals. John especially looks forward to time with his three exceptional grandchildren.