Missionaries GRR Promotes

There have been recent questions regarding the support of ABC missionaries historically promoted by the Great Rivers Region (see the attached flyer as an example). 

In particular, we have gotten word that we are no longer promoting support for Kristy Engel – that is not true! We promote her support!

As we reflected on the possible source of such a rumor, we came to suspect that it is over the released list of “Special Interest Missionaries” by IM.  This list has its roots in ABWM, and is related to their mission education strategy.  It changes from year to year and the list of “special interest” missionaries selected by IM has nothing to do with the missionaries that the Great Rivers Region chooses to promote.

See the pages from the 2018 Rivers Growth Conference as to the missionaries your Great Rivers Region continues to promote:

While we encourage the support of ALL ABC missionaries, we have assumed a special role in promoting the financial support of these missionaries