United Mission Basics - A way for your church to participate in the total mission and ministry of the ABC Great Rivers Region and the American Baptist Churches, USA.

America For Christ Offering - This offering is for our homeland ministry and missions in the United States and Puerto Rico.

World Mission Offering - the World Mission Offering in its entirety supports our overseas mission programs through International Ministries.

Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering -An offering to say thank you to the retired ministers and missionaries of our denomination. Portions of the offering are also held in reserve as an emergency assistance fund for the retirees.

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering - An offering to support worldwide relief and development. OGHS provides funds for disaster relief, hunger programs and a variety of development projects in the USS and around the world.

GRReat Churches Offering - An offering to support the mission efforts of the Great Rivers Region: working with churches to find pastors; recruiting, nurturing, and shepherding these pastors; stewardship development (e.g. Consecrations Sunday, Miracle Sunday, 3 Copper Coins); healthy church growth (e.g. Natural Church Development);

Institutional Support - This category provides the opportunity for a church to support one or more of our instiitutions, which includes campus ministry, colleges, seminaries, children's homes, Green Lake, and a host of other ministries. Any American Baptist institution can receive your support.


Specifics - This is a broad category to enable churches and individuals to support specific mission needs of a missionary, a mission board, or the GRR. For example: Camping, New Church Planting, Christian Centers or an American Baptist Missionary.