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From: Jim and Sara Wiegner []
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 6:19 PM
To: Wes Mcneely; Amy McNeely
Cc: Dwight; Roane; Troy
Subject: Team pictures of Thursday on the work site

Hi Dwight and all,

Thanks for your continued prayers as the team builds the outer wall for the
church. Everyone is doing well and the cement mixing and block building is
just plain hard work but enjoyable as the things progress.

Shalom, Jim Wiegner ABC missionary Costa Rica

PS. Today there was a big lighting and thunder storm with heavy rains in
the afternoon. Enjoy the pictures....

Click here for journal page with pictures - pdf format - for downloading:
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Mission Partnership in Action

Costa Rica 2003




making metal rods.png

Doug digging foundations.jpg

Doug digging foundations.png

Corner foundation digging.jpg

Corner foundation digging.png

Cement mixer unloading.jpg

Cement mixer unloading.png