Congratulations on Anniversary of Ordination

Clergy Health

This section of the ABCGRR site is here to ...

  • ... help you as a clergy person to find resources to help you proceed in this journey to better health and strength
  • ... help you as a church member to provide resources to your pastor/pastoral staff to help them in this journey so that they might be able to help you in your growth as a disciple of Christ.
  • ... help you as a person to experience the joy that comes with taking the Greatest Commandment and Great Commission seriously

Are you - or your pastor - one who ignores your own needs because others should be attended to first?

Read the following:

When the flight attendant, at the beginning of each flight, demonstrates how to use the emergency oxygen mask she emphatically tells the passengers, "In case of an emergency, make sure you first put this on your face before you try to help another."

We cannot help others if we are not healthy and growing ourselves.