Discipleship in Stewardship:
Maturing Disciples
in Mission and Ministry

Dwight Stinnett and John Grisham in ConversationBecome part of this multi-part conversation between Dwight Stinnett and John Grisham.


Read the summaries of each topic addressed in this conversation and choose from the video formats indicated in green.

Part 1: Who is John Grisham?

When did he begin this current ministry? What are some of the changes he has noticed? (3:08) Quicktime

Part 2: What was, what now is, the relationship between the ABC-USA and ABC-GRR

as it relates to your tasks? How have your tasks, how has your role changed? (2:12) Quicktime

Part 3: What are the anxieties and concerns generated by these changes?

How are these changes going? Why is Stewardship and Stewardship Education important? (1:57) Quicktime

Part 4: What changes have occurred in the world that impact discipleship of stewardship? (3:32)

What role, if any, does personal debt have to do with diminishing level of giving? Are there any generation related issues that have led to the current situation? Quicktime

Part 5: What are the specific ways that John Grisham is available to help GRR churches?

(2:55)  Some stories about these. Quicktime

Part 6: Is there a connection or relationship between spiritual health and stewardship?

If so, what is it? (3:26) Quicktime

Part 7: We are coming off a very tough time, what is going on?

(1:51) Quicktime

Part 8: What is the local church's pastor's role as to the discipline of stewardship?

(3:09) Quicktime

Part 9: "John, why do you do this?"

and Thank You / Credits (2:39) Quicktime