Discerning and Implementing the Vision

  • "The church leaders won't let us do this?"
  • "A church is no place for video!"
  • "We can't afford this?"

You have several choices as to how to hear and respond to these and similar comments.

You could give up, but if God is trying to share a vision through you, you have not allowed God to share this vision through you.

You could do a frontal assault and try to argue, build a caucus/coalition, or otherwise force the issue. The trouble is that you shut-out valuable insight as well as exclude the possibility of helping others share in the discovery of the vision

You could try another way: A discovery process. Are you willing to take the risk that God is leading in this vision, but in His time? Are you ready to hear, "No, not yet?" Are you ready to demonstrate in small ways that this is an available tool - one of many - that the church could use instead of your present interest?

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