For Users of this and any other web site:

Learn what virus and malware are. (Here is a former Microsoft person's outlining the arguments of having or not having a product such as Norton, PCMatic, or other installed on your computer.)

You are not the only one who can be hurt - physically, emotionally, and - yes - financially. Protect yourself; protect others.

Sending personal and financial information?

Always make sure the site you are using begins with https:// and you see a lock icon on the web browser.

Chrome:Chrome browser lock image

FireFox browser lock image

Edge (Microsoft):
Microsoft's Edge Browser lock image

Safari (Apple):Safari secure site padlock icon
Find this at the end of the web address (URL).

Helpful resource on most personal computer issues:

For webmasters:

FLASH - still one of the best animation authoring software produced - will be shut down by its producer, Adobe, by 2020.

Reason: Security. Even now certain browsers freeze up trying to protect computers from security issues.

What this means for you? Replace your FLASH based animations and video with HTML5 animations and mp4 video. This is a labor intensive process. (It may find you prioritizing and deleting many of your animations and videos. That can be a good thing, especially for your users.)