Preparing Your Digital Pictures for the Web

Are you one of the many churches who are improving the quality of your church web site by posting pictures and communicating with your members by e-mailing pictures in your online newsletters?

Preparation of your picture for transmission and use on the web is no longer optional.

Each picture needs to be prepared for the web.


  1. Is the picture just to be posted on a web page?
  2. Is the picture to be sent in an email or as an attachment?
  3. Is the picture to be posted or sent only to be seen on an electronic screen, that is a computer monitor or television?
  4. Is the picture to be able to be printed out in a good quality by the one receiving it?
  5. Does the sender have software that will allow her/him to prepare it for the web?
  6. Does the person receiving the picture have the software to be able to view and/or print it?
  7. If the picture is to be sent by email, does the sender's email box have enough room to do so? Does the sender's Internet Service Provider have restrictions that would limit what is sent?
  8. Does the recipient's email box have restrictions as to individual file size and/or total amount of space in the mailbox? Remember, yours is not the only email that your friend and/or relative will receive.
  9. How much of a chance do you have of annoying your friend/relative with too large a file to download?
  10. Are there privacy issues? Does the sender and/or receiver give permission for the picture to be posted and/or sent in an unsecured (read: everybody on the web could possibly see it) setting?

Note: Always get permission from people to post their pictures on the web or circulate in any emailed newsletters. Never publish the name of a child (minor) with a picture of her/him even when you have permission to publish the picture.