This part of is offered as a primer for those using (or about to use) audio/visual and internet tools and channels to enhance their ministries and mission.

The content is gathered from this webmaster's work (with a team and solo), conversations, readings, certification training, audio/visual consultations, a/v work before/during/after Regional events and reflections from those experiences.

Full disclosure: I am not employed nor licensed by any for profit entity; therefore, I am not endorsing any product or service. I do have my preferences; these come from my experience with computers since 1986 and the internet since about 1997.

Check out the left-hand column for themes and areas for "priming your imagination" and/or learning some basics as to what may or may not help you and your church.

Just because something can be done, does not necessarily mean that it should be done. An example: While serving as Regional Associate Minister for Areas I and III, members of churches asked me how to put their picture directory of membership and friends online. My recommendation: Safety and security should lead you NOT to do so...especially when minors are included. Even "behind" passwords such is not safe.

In this section of the abcgrr main site, I have sprinkled anecdotes that draw a picture of learnings that God has led me to experience.