Convert Your Finished Newsletter to PDF

The most recent versions of Microsoft Office and similar software now have a "save as" option of saving your document as a PDF. Here is how.

  1. Compose your document (write your letter, compose your spreadsheet, make your brochure)
  2. Save
  3. Save As PDF
  4. You now have a PDF version

What is it? PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format.


  • In most cases, your document will be reduced in size for quicker uploading and pleasant (read: "quick") download by your subscriber.
  • Acrobat Reader - the software used to open, view, and even print pdfs - is a free download from Adobe.
  • PDF files are highly resistant to infection from malware (viruses, trojan horses, spamware, etc.)

Document Format:

  • Conversion from a word processing program (MS Word, WordPerfect, etc), desktop publishing (MS Publisher, InDesign, Quark), or most any windows based program results in keeping the format of your original document. What you saw in the design of your page and fonts (if you used popular system fonts or embedded (see your conversion program) your special fonts in the pdf during conversion) will be in the converted document.
  • More and more conversion programs are giving you more choices when you start the conversion. These include the ability to produce a PDF for viewing on a screen (smallest file size), printing a polished document fit for best printing (largest file size), to setting security passwords that will prevent (or restrict to certain recipients) printing, saving, or changing your document.