E-mail or Post Your Newsletter Online

Online newsletters are no longer new. Many churches in our Region have transitioned to this method of distributing their newsletter. (View a few church online newsletters.)

Why do so?

Currency of news, less currency to the post office, and less expense of time and paper are some of the benefits these churches have found.


  • Compose your Newsletter in a word or desktop publishing software program
  • Use Caution in what you would include in this online edition. Privacy and Safety issues must be a consideration for every church in all publications, even if these documents never are sent out as e-mail or posted on the web.Internet does not create this need, it amplifies this need for discernment.
  • Convert the Newsletter into a PDF file. (See advantages of PDF.) Do print out a copy, scan it, then save as PDF or the document will be too large for most of your subscribers. Do not print, scan, and save as a JPG or the quality of your document - especially the text - will be less than you would want representing your church.
  • Check the size of the new file. If the file that results is not less than 300 kb (better: less than 200 kb) then take steps to make your file smaller. (See "Downsizing Your Document")
  • Compile a list of those who would receive the newsletter as an e-mail attachment (Send and e-mail to all on your list asking them whether they want to receive your newsletter. If so, at the e-mail address you have on your list or at another.)
  • Open up your e-mail software and use the "attach" and/or "insert" command to "attach" your electronic newsletter to the e-mail.
  • Compose a note such as "Thank you for receiving this newsletter online." Include a statement describing how the recipient can "opt-out" of receiving the newsletter.
  • Use your e-mail software to "attach" the newsletter
  • Click on "Send"

Another benefit to this method is that you can post your current newsletter and past issues on your church's web site. If a subscriber's e-mail service can't or won't handle your newsletter as attachment, she/he can then view and/or print it from within your web site. You are also able to send those who missed a past issue, or want to have another, to this archive of your past editions.

Check out the site http://www.useit.com. Explore the offerings. Find and read any articles that cover the theme of "writing for the web." This will not only help in your web postings, but it will help you re-hab your writing technique for today's readers for all of what you write for your congregation and community.