PDF as a Tool

Adobe's Portable Document Format is one of the most used tools on the web.

The Acrobat Reader is a free download from http://www.adobe.com. (Make sure that you download the version that matches your operating system.)

The cost of the full Adobe Acrobat program barred most people from using this technology. This has been overcome by several third party software offerings...some free.

Who should consider using this software?

  • Churches who want to send out their newsletters in a format everyone will have access to without buying the latest MS Publisher or downloading a Word or WordPerfect reader.
  • Churches and church leaders who want to send articles - with graphics - quickly and securely while lessening the risk of viruses to those who receive these as e-mail attachments.
  • Churches that want to post documents for downloading on the web in a form that everyone can download and open.

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