• No image with name, no solitary image even without name, of a child (or minor of any age) should be included in a church newsletter or on a web site. Parental permission does not alter this. (There is some movement in the legal profession and court system that is questioning whether parents can "sign away" their children's rights for legal responses just by signing off on a "permission slip.")
  • All adult persons who are pictured (or included in video) in a newsletter and/or web site with names given (other than ministerial staff) need to have signed a "release" to give you permission to use their image or video. Don't assume you have "implicit permission" to do so.
  • Do not publish the home phone, address, or e-mail of employees or pastoral staff.
  • Your GRR staff recommends that you never publish a Church Directory online in any form, newsletter or web pages. There is no such thing as absolute security even with secure servers, secure transmission, usernames and passwords. (For more on this, read the news each day. Also, those organizations who do publish sensitive material like this for an audience who have permission and corresponding passwords and usernames have either a contracted service or in-house tech department, many of whom do nothing but upgrade, troubleshoot, and protect those "secured" pages. These departments work on this and monitor these pages 24/7/365! Even with this security is often a problem.)
  • Churches need to write, officially adopt, and publish a "Privacy Policy" to inform members and all users what will be posted, how information will be used, and whether or not use of the web site - including access to the posted Newsletters will result in technologies placing something on their computers (e.g. "cookies").
    See http://www.abcgrr.org/privacypolicy.htm for an example of a Privacy Policy. See also: Web Safety