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Which Path to the Speaker?


What type of speaker will you connect to?


1. Projector Speakers? Best use: Smaller meeting rooms.


As you set up, well before the time of your presentation, test the audio volume. Remember, the presence of people - even if completely silent - will absorb the sound. Be sure that the onboard speakers have enough umph!



Determine the type of cable end needed to fit into your computer's HEADPHONE port.

Into your other device's outputs.



Choose the correct audio input on the projector.  There are a number of audio inputs. Composite, and "phone plug" connections are the most common. There may even be an 1/8" plug port!


audio ports on projector


Your options:


If there is an 1/8" plug input on the projector, then you need an audio cable with two ends (1/8") that are the same.


If there is an 1/8" plug input on the projector, but the projector has only compostie audio inputs, then find a cable with one end with 1/8" plug and the other end a composite. These are available at outlets such as radio shack. This is a good basic cable to carry with you.


If there is an 1/8" plug input on the projector, but the projector has only compostie audio inputs AND you DO NOT HAVE a cable like that, find an adapter. There are adapters available to convert almost any cable end into almost any other cable end. Some of the common ones to carry with you are:


male composite couplercomposite couplercomposite to audio plugleft and right channel to stereo plug

left and right channel to stereo plug y








external desktop speakers










2. External speakers?  Best use: Mid-sized rooms; Small rooms, too!


If you are often making presentations in mid-sized rooms, invest in a pair of external speakers. Their onboard amp will greatly improve the quality of your presentation.

The speakers come with either plug connections or composite connections.

The AC to DC converter power "brick" (adapter) needs to be plugged in so that the onboard amplifier that drives the speaker will function.


3. "House" Sound System


Consult ahead of time with the person in charge of the built in sound system of the building/organization where you will be holding your meeting. Ask her/him what you need to bring to connect. She/he will most likely ask you to describe the equipment you are bringing that needs to be hooked up.

Listed below are some areas of experience with which we may be able to help you as your question pertains to use of these technologies in ministry.


Dwight Stinnett
   Executive Minister
    Projection &


Roland Sundberg
   Executive Administrator
     Database Questions


John Grisham
   Areas II & IV
   PowerPoint Comp


Richard Ricks
   (Tech Team Leader)
   Area I & III
   Multimedia & Projection
   Web Technologies


Muriel Johnson
   Area V
   Church Planting
   Using Video Chat
   VOIP (Telephone over    Internet)


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