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Projector Manufacturers and Distributors
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Benq | Boxlight | Canon | Davis | Dukane | DWin | Eiki | Epson |


IBM | InFocus |JVC Marantz | Mitsubishi | NEC | Optoma | Panasonic |


Phillips | Proxima | Runco | Sanyo Sharp | Sony | Toshiba | Varatouch |

Viewsonic | Yahama

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Listed below are some areas of experience with which we may be able to help you as your question pertains to use of these technologies in ministry.


Dwight Stinnett
   Executive Minister
    Projection &


Dan Holland
   Executive Administrator
     Database Questions


John Grisham
   Areas II & IV
   PowerPoint Comp


Richard Ricks
   (Tech Team Leader)
   Area I & III
   Multimedia & Projection
   Web Technologies


Muriel Johnson
   Area V
   Church Planting
   Using Video Chat
   VOIP (Telephone over    Internet)


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