Projection Quality

At least 3 factors influence the quality of your projection.

1. Type of Connection between devices

  • Best: HDMI
  • Best: VGA(PDFs with text are readable)
  • Good: S-Video(PDFs with text may not be readable)
  • Fair: Composite(PDFs with text will not be readable)

2. Quality of Graphics and Video embedded in presentation

Save graphics and images in 96 dpi (Finer resolution cannot be seen in digital projection.)
This will allow for quicker loads of images/slides, especially using older computers.

3. Brightness of Projector (higher the lumen rating the better)

  • Minimum for smallish meeting room: 1400 Lumen (with lights dimmed)
  • Minimum for larger meeting room: 2000 Lumen, best 2400 lumen or better.

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