Is the Projector Displaying Your Computer Screen?

First, on your keyboard, find the Fn key. Usually this is located on the bottom row of keys at each side of the keyboard. Many times the label on this key is in green or another color that is different from the color of your main keys.

Second, find the LCD/CRT key. This may also be labeled LCD or CRT.

Hold down the Fn key and press the LCD/CRT key

Your main screen on the notebook computer may go blank. If it does and your projector starts to show what was on the notebook's screen, repeat this combination of keys once. You hopefuly will then will see a projection on the projection screen and the same on your notebook screen.

If this does not happen: (The graphics for the following assume a Gateway with an Intel Graphics Card.)

Look carefully at your projector to make sure that the output signal choice is VGA or whichever feed you have connected to between computer and projector. If the feed is correct, go back to your computer.

icon menuIf you have an icon in the task bar on the lower righthand side of our computer that may look like a monitor and/or is labeled with

your video card's maker's name, right click on this icon.

graphics optionsoutput list



Look for "properties." Find "Graphics" Properties, then "Output Options." Display mode is one of the list, but refers to the resolution, not the feed.

If you do not find an icon such as this, click here.