Projection Software

What you project can be exclusively "canned" or bought presentations such as Integrity's I-Worship. While these are often extremely well done, there will be a time that you will need to reflect the ongoing mission, ministry, and purpose of your local church by composing and projecting your own materials.

This is where projection software comes in. **Projection software most often brings to mind PowerPoint or MediaShout (EasyWorship,Worship-Him, SongShowPlus, etc.) and other titles that accomplish what these two do. But, projection software is more than this.

Before you show a slide, a video, or an integrated video/audio presentation, you will need to:

  • Plan using a storyboard (Start sketching it out on paper!)
  • Gather the components - take the pictures, record the video, access the audio - all while respecting copyrights
  • Assemble the components (graphics, images, text, lyrics, video, etc) that you have, or will get before use, rights or permission to use.
  • Write a Projection Script (Correlate with any projection software you use.)
  • Practice Projection in a "tech rehearsal" at least 1 day before the service
  • Project
  • Evaluate (Good, seamless, use of tech in worship will enhance the worship experience for all. Make it good. Don't settle for mediocre!)

For, storyboarding, just get a sheet of paper and sketch out what you want to have in the order you need to have it.

Except for the projecting your final composition, you have some ready made tools as part of your operating system on both PC and MAC platforms. These include video capture/editing and importing snapshots through downloading digital camera files or scanning in photos. (This latter process, of course, would require a scanner.)

Another alternative you might have, depending upon the budget afforded to you, is to purchase special photo, video, and audio software (see General Software on this Site). Then make a list of the components you need. When the list is finished, start collecting, capturing, and then editing them.

**No endorsements implied. We do, however recommend that your worship tech team download and evaluate several with your particular needs in mind before you purchase and use this in worship.