Edit Photos/Images, Create Graphics

2 Basic Reasons to Use Photo Software

1. Crop/Touch Up

2. Prepare the photo/image for print or web (2 different processes)

Available Software for Photo/Image Editing

Most of the following software can also be used to compose a graphic/drawing from scratch.

Adobe Photoshop Elements ($ 90 - $ 120)

Adobe Photoshop ($ 500 +)

Corel Paint Shop Pro - formerly Jasc ($ 54 and up)

Gimp- free, open source project

Picasa - free from Google

Use C-Net.com to find other good software programs that will help you edit images/photos for little or no price.

Graphics Composition Software (not good for pictures/images)

Adobe's Illustrator

Corel Draw (the Suite has a photo software program, too)

Icon Composition

Icon Constructor