Software that Supports Worship

There are many types of software that those who participate in worship leadership will use in the course of the weeks prior to any one worship service.

This section offers some consideration of software that is used to present those preparations for worship, those offerings to God. For more, contact other churches. See what they have found useful.

Audio/Visual Presentations (i.e. Projection Technologies)

3 best known presentation software programs are:

  1. PowerPointCost: From $150 to $700 depending upon which suite or standalone you purchase.

  2. SongShowPlus - Features- Cost ($350 - $500)

  3. MediaShout Cost: From $129 upgrade to $429 full

  4. Presentation Manager

What do these, especially the latter 2, have that other programs do not? Why so expensive?

Though Microsoft's PowerPoint development team is adding features that will eventually have it able to do some of what MediaShout and SongShowPlus already do, PowerPoint is business centric. The latter two are worship centric.

Consider the following. These packages come with libraries of mult-language Bibles, song lyrics, graphics (with add on modules ready for purchase) and ability to handle every kind of document, graphic, image, video, dvd clip, audio, and web page you throw at them.

If your church is a licensed subscriber to CCLI and the company's video clip equivalent, enter your CCLI license number in the program and you will open up a library of worship music already on "slides."

Need to show a web site's material, don't exit, surf from within the program.

These programs are similar to "shells" whose purpose it is to gather, organize, script, and support every audio/visual worship item.

The companies post downloadable trials. Download and try them out.

Music Software

This type of worship support software ranges from score composition and arrangement to quick transposition and printing of new scores, to performance support through MIDI connections. Some of this software gives the user opportunity to scan in music scores and transform them to audio played as the notation directs.

This type of software differs from Audio Editing software that records or takes recordings and edits and/or adds audio effects such as Sony's SoundForge, Adobe's Audition and similar software.

CCLI has software that has music libraries that can be added to. Make sure you have the rights or permission to do so from the writer of the songs.

Try out Finale, or do a Google search on "music notation software." For you researchers out there, look up LIME - a graduate project that paved the way for scanning scores and transforming them from symbols on paper to musical notes played according to all notation.