Video for Your Church?

We don't do video. It's not needed AND it's NOT worth it! ....Is it!??

A smart phone was in video mode attached to a tripod recording the sermon. "My wife is ill and she asked if I could record it so she would not miss out."

The "sound guy" appeared in front of the baptistry with an I-pad just before a youth was about the be introduced as one choosing to be baptized. A cable was attached to the I-pad. It connected to the projector which showed the whole baptism on the projection screen. Since the baptistry was almost buried out of sight in that building's design, several saw their first baptism in years.

International Ministries posted a new video on its web site of the congregation's long time and deeply loved missionaries that the church helped encourage and long supported. The church tech team hooked up the projector to the computer that was accessing the web video. Video on the screen and audio on the main sound system! Connections, more than tech, were made that day.

One creative and aware tech team took it one step farther. That team made arrangements with another missionary to live stream through Periscope a presentation with one of the missionaries they support. This was able to project on screen, but instead the church showed it on their large flat screen monitors that were mounted on the walls either side of the pulpit.

(If the above gets you thinking, don't invest in equipment. Borrow or rent some after you talk with churches who do this. Test it out before investing in it. If you are trying to share this vision with the church show what can be done as well as explaining it!)

How You Can Use Video

  • Missionaries' Stories
  • Sermon Illustrations
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Baptisms
  • Dedications
  • Church Profile for Search Committee's Use
  • Shutin Ministry
  • Personalize Your Church's Web Page
    • Embed or link a video on your web site (your web host)
    • Embed the code on your site to play a video that is posted on YouTube or similar site.
  • Much more. . .

"Clips" and More

  • Use Clips from Tapes, CDs and DVDs (Remember, acquire permission to do so.)
  • Project live happenings such as child dedications and baptisms so that all persons in worship can better see.
  • Record services, ministries, and mission trips for presentation to the whole congregation.

OK, I'll think and pray about it, what's involved?