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A Wiki is a web page/collection of web pages (e.g. "site") where anyone who opens it with a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) can add to, delete from using only the web browser she/he is using; i.e. edit.

Best known wiki: Wikipedia. (But yours won't be this extensive.)


1. The wiki page is not locked down (like any regular web page).

2. The user has the logon information


Enter the web address in your browser or follow a link from another page to the wiki.

With the wiki page in front of you, look for either a LOGON or EDIT Button

- You will need to logon if some of the pages of the wiki are "locked down," that is, they are like usual web pages that you cannot do anything with but read.

- When you find the first page that has the EDIT button, you can - staying with your browser - start writing and then post your own contribution.


The GRR has used a wiki as a way of helping churches coordinate travel arrangements to the Gulf Coast Mission project. The GRR posted a wiki also for the purpose of providing an opportunity for people effected by the floods of the Mississippi River in 2008 to share information and needs (offering and expressing).

Corporations, government agencies - even intergovernmental task forces - have used specialized and secured wikis from informational portals for corporate "in-house" global sharing to agricultural workers to homeland security classified sharing.


OpenWiki is a way to start. This is open source and can be downloaded and added to your web site. It's a great way to start.